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The Fine Print

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: To be on site for set-up of all acoustic performances a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the contracted start time and to connect with the contact person listed in our contract.  More time may be required for sound check of amplified performances.  We bring our own music stands, however the venue must provide us with 2 arm less chairs.

PARKING: We require parking for one vehicle, which is in addition to all fees agreed upon in the contract. Parking close to the venue is preferred when possible for unloading of instruments and gear.

OVERTIME: The musician(s) are contractually bound to be present only for the time stated and agreed upon in this contract. In the case of a delay, the Engager has the option of hiring the musician(s) at the rate of $50 per musician per half hour, payable within 3 business days. The Engager is responsible for discussing any overtime agreement with the present musician(s). Overtime performance is subject to the musician(s) availability.  

OUTDOOR EVENTS: In the case of an event occurring outdoors, the client takes full responsibility for ensuring that the musicians and their instruments will not be exposed to either direct sunlight or rain water during the entirety of the performance.  Shelter from these elements must be provided.  Failure to do so will result in the inability of the musicians to perform, and full performance fees will be payable.  Reasonable consideration must also be given to temperature.  Outdoor performances shall not take place in less than 12 degrees Celsius unless and only if the musicians have been forewarned and given preparation time and their consent.

MUSICIAN SCHEDULE CONFLICT: Many of our events are booked between 6-12 months in advance.  While every effort is made for core players and/or the Artistic Director of Beaux Strings to be present at every booking, in the case of an unforeseen events (which prohibits one of the aforementioned from performing) an equally qualified substitute performer will be sent to perform at the event at no extra expense to the client.  All stipulations and musical requests of the client will be fulfilled, and we guarantee no change in our high performance standards.  Information about our core players may be found on the "About" page of our website.  Beaux Strings does not subcontract our work to other companies or musicians and our unique contemporary custom arrangements by Sybil Shanahan will only be heard at performances booked through Beaux Strings.

MILEAGE: Beaux Strings bills at a rate of $0.50 per km round trip from Toronto for all events that happen outside city limits, or are car accessible only.  For events that require more than 2 hours travel one way, we also include in our billing a flat fee of $50 for travel time and a meal.  

LATE PAYMENT: Balances are payable on or before the day of your event. Payments not received in full on the day of the event will be subject to a $25 penalty fee billed every 3 business days until receipt of balance owing.


MEALS AND REFRESHMENT: The musicians require water at all bookings.  For all bookings of 3 or more hours, a basic meal must be provided onsite for the musicians.  

BREAKS: As per the Toronto Musician's Association (TMA 149 which is governed by the American Federation of Musicians) guidelines, musicians are entitled to 10 minute breaks every hour after the initial hour of performance.  We do our best to coordinate with the event planner to have our breaks coincide with moments for speeches or other busy moments in the course of the event.

COMMERCIAL APPEARANCES: Beaux Strings performers are members of the Toronto Musicians Association (TMA 149) and in some cases, ACTRA.  All commercial undertakings need to be contracted accordingly and no audio or visual recordings for commercial distribution shall be made without prior consent.

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